15 Must-Have Travel Accessories for a Smart Traveler


Let’s be real, our generation has given up the idea of totally disconnecting on the road. The pressure of work emails and social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram are just too much to bear. In this modern age of technology, there are some gadgets which will come handy whether you are traveling domestically or abroad.

When it comes to traveling, we book tickets, packs our bags and head off to have the time of our life. However, most of us forget the fact that we need to carry certain travel accessories in order to make our journey comfortable and free of danger. We usually forget to carry these items and end up searching them all the way.

So, here is a list of must-have travel accessories if you want to travel smart-

1. Multi-Currency Forex Card

If you are traveling abroad then the Multi-Currency card should be in your wallet. For travelers one of the toughest tasks is to handle cash and neither it is safe to carry a lot of cash. We recommend you to take a pre-paid card along with you which is loaded with multi-currency especially if you are visiting multiple countries.

2. Portable Power Bank

What if you run out of battery on the go? The only option sometimes available is the power bank. So, whether you are hiking or chilling on the beach the power bank will always be a savior. The power bank is a must accessory to carry while traveling.


3. All in One Universal Adapter/Charger

This is the most carried accessory while traveling abroad and is a must-have. The universal charger is a battery charger that can draw power from a variety of input voltages, and it even shares the number of pins altogether that can be used all in once to charge different types of devices using a single charger. This must-have accessory works in almost all countries, including all of the most commonly visited places so that you can always charge wherever you go.

4. Smartphone Lens

Comprising of the wide and macro lens, this accessory gives you a photography experience that matches the standard of a DSLR. Just fix it at the top of your phone and take get ready to take amazing photographs. So, ditch those heavy DSLR cameras which add weight to your hands, shoulders, and neck.

5. Noise Cancellation Headphones/ Ear Plugs

Do we even need to tell you the importance of carrying an earplug or headphones along with you? Your companion when you are lonely, or when you are surrounded by too much noise, the earplug is there to make your journey better. When traveling alone or in the middle of the journey, headphones have always been a silent partner. Plus, you will not get to know how the time flew away.

6. Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive

A USB pen drive or flash drive also can come in handy on any number of occasions while traveling, such as sharing a document with the hotel front desk so they can print out of it or used by police accessing a photo of your passport if it’s lost or stolen.

7. Mini Steam Iron

A mini steam iron can be extremely useful for business travelers who are on the road and need to remove the inevitable wrinkles from packed clothing.

This Mini Travel Iron will be your savior in situations where you wouldn’t get the ironing facility for your wrinkled clothes in the hotel room. You can either opt for Mini Iron or Foldable Iron, both take a small place in your baggage.

8. Selfie Stick or Tripod

A selfie stick is something you should never forget while you pack your bag in the age of selfies. whether you are traveling alone or with a group of friends, one would always want to capture moments which they want to keep forever. Plus, you are less likely to drop your phone and when traveling solo & you get pictures with better angles. We recommend you to invest in a good quality selfie stick.

When you are out there having a great time in the middle of nature, you don’t want to miss a single moment. If you have a camera then having a tripod is very useful as you can capture that mesmerizing scene with ease.

9. Memory Cards/ SD Cards

Keeping memory card is a must as it’ll allow you to store more data, photographs, and videos. A memory card would be helpful in transferring hi-resolution images as well. You never know when you run out of storage on your phone and computer or camera and you don’t want to limit yourself with limited storage.

10. Eye Mask and Sleeping Pillow

One of the essential items to be added in your carry-on is an eye mask and neck pillow. These are essential to sleep and make you relax before heading off to explore your destination. Whether you are traveling by flight, or by a train, or by car it is always convenient to have an eye mask and a sleeping pillow.

11. Travel Size Squeezy Bottles

Another chic utility travel accessory that deserves to be a part of your packing is squeeze travel tubes. These squeezable travel tubes can easily decant your shampoo, lotion, and hand washes. Made up of silicone, these squeezable tubes has a no-drip valve that helps the cap stay clean.

12. Luggage Scale

While traveling abroad you should not depend on guesswork when it’s come to your luggage weight. Also, if you love to shop while traveling it can cost you unnecessarily extra dollars if your luggage exceeds the permitted weight. So, it’s better to invest in a luggage scale rather than paying extra to the airlines. These scales are so small and can be fit anywhere.

13. Waterproof Phone Case

The last thing you want on your vacation is that your phone gets wet. Sometimes weather plays an unpredictable role even if u checked the weather app before leaving. So, you should carry a small waterproof phone case which is not at all bulgy.

14. Swiss Knife

A Swiss Knife is a must-have tool to carry when you are traveling. It will simply help you if you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to cut a rope or any other item. A Swiss knife is your multi-utility item that will surely be useful on your journey.

15. First Aid Kit and Medicines

Last but not least is first aid kits coz you never know when you can meet with an accident or fall sick when you are traveling to a place. It is mandatory to carry a first aid kit and medicines along with you to help in times of urgent need. Add the essential items to your first aid kits like bandages, ointment/antiseptic, cold compress, cotton balls, thermometer, and fever and pain relievers.

Carry these items the next time you go traveling and you’ll be loving every bit of it!

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