11 Super Romantic and Fun Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2019

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and still confused about fun and romantic ideas for your date? Well, not to worry coz we’ve got u covered.

Whether you are single or not these ideas ensure your Valentine’s Day is fun, exciting and romantic.

Below is our list of  top 11 super romantic and fun date ideas for Valentines Day:

1. Recreate Your First or Favorite Date

Whether it’s your first date or the one where you fell in love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to relive one of the best days of your life together. Take your partner at the same place and surprise him or her with recreating the things you did before. Trust us on this, your other half will just love it.


2. Explore the Restaurant on your Bucket List

C’mon we all have that one favorite restaurant whether it’s a new one or that’s too far away and we have been dying to try for so long. So, make a reservation well in advance and explore the place while enjoying your date.

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3. Give Your Loved one an Escape to Remember

Book a romantic resort for a day that’s free from roommates and house chores. Many Resorts host their own Valentine’s specials, from V Day Parties, champagne service to three-course meals at the hotel restaurant. This will definitely be the escape to remember for both of you.


4. Watch a Sunset Together

Find a sunset point around your area and spend an hour watching day turn into night with your loved one for a moment of romance, followed by a nice candlelit romantic dinner. This works best for peace and nature lovers.

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5. Go for a Relaxing Spa

There are often special deals available for couple spa on Valentine’s Day, take advantage of the reduced special deal to chill out with your loved one. These spas offer a range of specials, from an affordable massage for pairs to a deluxe total indulgence rate.


Alternatively, give each other a sensual massage therapy with some candles and soft background music. wink wink!

6. Go Clubbing Together

If you are a party lover then go to a club known for its good music that makes you want to groove.


7. Go for a Movie, Concert or a Comedy Show

There’s nothing better than experiencing a live concert or a comedy show with one of your favorite people next to you. Book these events online in your area and grab those last minute tickets for a night of fun and letting loose.

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Alternatively, you can also go for a romantic movie date night with your love.

8. Sip your Favourite Hot Chocolate        Together

Treat yourselves to a cup at your favorite hot chocolate at your local coffee shop or a coffee shop you always wanted to explore.


9. Go for a Wine Tasting

If you are a wine lover then you know that there’s something about wine that feels festive. whether you’re drinking it with your partner, best friend, or solo while binge-watching your favorite show. The idea is to get to know more about each other over a glass of wine.

10. Have a Romantic Night at Home

Sometimes the best nights are those spent over a home-cooked meal, a set of candles, and a good bottle of wine. So, bake something delicious or cook together coz calories don’t count on Valentine’s Day, right? This works best for people who don’t like the idea of going out on a date because of almost every place jam packet during valentine’s day. Better enjoy your romantic date at the comfort of your home.

11. Take a Walk to Remember

Find the most beautiful and scenic place around your area, and head there to take an afternoon hike or take a walk together.

Else, take a Valentine’s Day excursion somewhere that will get you both exploring the unfamiliar Plan.

source- unsplash.com


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