11 Hacks to Stay Comfortable During Long Flights

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There is no denying to the fact that the increasing number of budget airlines have made flying so much affordable and accessible. However, the size of the seats and leg space are shrinking in an attempt to stuff more and more passengers, which in turn makes your flight uncomfortable and unpleasant.

Here is a list of our top 11 hacks to stay comfortable during long flights:

1. Always Dress up in Layers

Wear comfortable loose clothes on long flights and don’t forget to pack some layers like a jacket or a shrug so that you can easily adjust to the temperature changes on the plane. Also, wear comfortable shoes or flats on a long-haul flight; the last thing you want is for your feet to swell up in uncomfortable shoes. Switch to some cozy socks while you are sitting and tuck your feet onto your seat in between.

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2. Create Space for your Legs

Make sure you don’t keep your belongings or your bag near your feet or under the seat coz then you don’t have enough space left for your legs in those shrunk economy class flights.

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3. Pack Some Healthy Snacks

Consider stock up some food before you board from departure lounges offering a variety of food. Plane food is usually not healthy and loaded with carbs and low in protein. Also, you can pack some fruits or dry fruits like apricots, almonds, apple etc if the airplane food isn’t your cup of tea.

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4. Take Along an Empty Water Bottle

Grab an empty water bottle because it’s important to stay hydrated to prevent a headache and fatigue caused by dehydration. Also, some of us hesitate to ask their flight attendants to bring a glass of water again and again. Rather you can bring your bottle and fill up in the airplane.

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5. Do Some Stretching

Taking regular breaks every couple hours to stretch and walk around, restrict yourself to cross your legs as it further restricts blood flow. Stretching a walking around is mandatory because sitting for hours during your flight can put you at risk of getting a blood clot in your legs, also known as deep vein thrombosis ( DVT). Also, it protects your legs from swelling and prevent back pain.

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6. Pack Eye mask and a Sleeping Pillow

An eye mask is an essential accessory in order to make you sleep. This is because darkness is important to send a signal to your brain to fall asleep. Also, a small pillow is a staple carry-on item for all long-distance travelers it will give your neck perfect support and make u sleep comfortably in long flights.

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7. On Time Bathroom Usage

You must have noticed that the time after a meal is the busiest time in the bathroom of the plane, so make sure you use it before a meal is served. This will not only be quicker and you can enjoy your time in a relatively clean and peaceful restroom.

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8. Pack Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down your hands, armrests, seat belts etc to minimize your risk of picking up and spreading germs. Coz we all know that plane is somewhat dirty and germy. Doing this helps you relax a little bit easier.

9. Noise-Cancellation Headphones

Do we even need to tell you the importance of carrying an earplug or headphones along with you? Your companion when you are lonely, or when you are surrounded by too much noise, the earplug is there to make your journey better. When traveling alone or in the middle of the journey, headphones have always been a silent partner. Plus, you will not get to know how the time flew away.

10. Early Check-in

Before you leave for the airport, web check-in and select your seat. Else, check–in early and request for a seat you prefer a window seat so you can rest your head against the wall while sleeping, or an aisle seat so you can walk as much as you like.

11. Avoid Heavy Meal & Alcohol Just Before your Flight

Don’t eat too much food just before your flight coz eating too much and then sitting in one place for hours isn’t a good combination for your stomach. Rather eat small meals a couple of hours before your flight.

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Also, knocking back a couple of glasses of alcohol during a long-haul flight is tempting, it won’t help you sleep better, plus the resulting hangover and motion sickness mid-turbulence isn’t the best travel companions.

So, which one is your favorite hack? Did we miss anything? Do you know more hacks that help you survive long flights? Tell us in the comments section below.

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