11 Easy Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling


Traveling and staying in shape don’t normally go hand in hand. We all know a vacation is a time for over-indulging, treating yourself, and then coming home feeling about 10lbs heavier! A major misconception people get about staying fit while traveling is that it counts as “cheat days” for eating and not exercising, since your local diet and workout routine may not be available. But that’s totally false, and you’re just convincing yourself that it’s Ok to “let yourself go”, however, in reality, it’s extremely easy to keep eating healthy and stay active no matter what country you go to!

Staying fit on the vacation may be the last thing on your mind. However, being mindful about it can definitely add to your fitness.

Here are 11 easy ways to stay fit while traveling without dieting!

 1. Use the Hotel Fitness Centre

Wherever you go in the world, the chances are high that there’ll be a gym in your hotel that you can try out to stay active during your trip. If you’re on a business trip, check to see if your hotel has a gym that you can use. Travel schedules can be hectic, but even 20 minutes of activity like a treadmill or cross trainer will be enough.

If you don’t have time to use it, then you can do some exercise in your room. Use your bed for muscle stretching and floor to do some jumping jacks, squats as per your choice.

2. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. If you are a budget traveler like me then take advantage of the hotel breakfast which is most of the time included in your stay. A healthy filling breakfast or brunch is what fuels your energy for the rest of the day and gets your metabolism pumping.

3. Get Groceries Instead Eating Out Always

Buy local groceries when you’re traveling instead of always eating out at restaurants. Not only will it save you money, but it will save you from over-eating, and help keep your healthy diet on schedule. Buy things like oatmeal, soup, tea, popcorn, and eggs, and use a tea kettle or coffee maker to make them.

4. Eat Smart While Eating Out

Eating-out for a day or 2 can be fun, but if you go over the board it can lead to weight gain and make you feel bloated. Make sure your meals include lean proteins, low on carbs and fats. If you love dining out and want to try local dishes, we recommend going halves with someone so you can still get a taste without overindulging?

Alternatively, don’t be afraid to customize your meals, such as asking for some fresh vegetables instead of something deep-fried, or for oily sauces/dressings to be served on the side.

5. Drink water and Avoid Sugary Drinks

Drinking adequate water is healthy for you, so make sure you keep that up while you’re traveling. Not only does this help control appetite and prevent overeating because often dehydration is mistaken for hunger, but it helps to reduce excessive water retention and bloating. Carry your water bottle which you can refill and you can keep track of how much you’ve drunk throughout the day. It’ll keep you full, hydrated, and away from drinking bad things like soda and caffeine.

6. Pack Your Sneakers

Invest in lightweight sneakers specifically for travel. They just need to be good enough for a walk, run or a tight cardio session, and they’ll be enough to keep you protected and ready to move.

7. Pack Your Snacks and Fruits

Always pack a few non-perishable snacks like muesli/oats, nuts, fruit, carrots, protein bars, can of tuna or whatever else you like, as long as it can easily be tossed into your bag. Also, you can buy local fruits and snack on them when required.

8. Be active and Get Moving

You’re on a gorgeous beach? Go swim. You’re near mountains? Go hiking. You’re in a city? Walk and stroll around the city seeing the sights because What better way to experience the city you’re in than on foot? Also, take any stairs you can find. This way is an enjoyable way to get your cardio done and have fun while doing it.

9. Download fitness App

Having a workout at your fingertips via a fitness app on your phone ensures you’re ready and able to get in a workout at a moment’s notice, with or without a gym. You can track your steps, calorie burn and distance covered in a day. Isn’t it a fantastic way of keeping a count?

10. Take Advantage of Fridge, Microwave and Coffee Maker

A fridge in your hotel room gives you options for storing healthy food and snacks. It’s a great option when you are in your hotel at night starving rather than end up eating something terrible. C’mon we all have been there, with a fridge you can store snacks, leftover food from a meal, prepare healthy breakfasts, you get the idea!

The coffee maker can do more than just making coffee in the hotel room. Just pack your own healthy, easy, non-perishable snacks, like instant oatmeal packages or soup. The hot water you can make with coffee maker can be used to prep these foods.

11. Chill out

Finally, don’t stress yourself out! What matters the most is that you enjoy yourself and make the most of your trip. It doesn’t matter if you treat yourself with a few too many times or don’t exercise as much as you had planned, coz vacation is once in a lifetime so have fun!

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